The Best Advice You Could Ever Get About secrets trading bitcoin


Um, okay, first full, we will start from Bitcoin, bald Bitcoin. Uh, well, I want show you our current, uh, support level. It's 9,000, 200, few floors. Is this slow? Uh, as you can see, price mates, um, at least two fake brick cows, his one and Zeus one. So, uh. And Zen. Bryce made a move up here and here. So what I expect if price will and nozzle one fake brick out in this case, we can open a long position to like a Zeus too.

Strong movements up after fake breakouts after previous fake breakouts of our support level. So I expect long, only after fake breakouts on, uh, after confirmation of, uh, support level. Okay. Next one is a terrarium bouts material, a Tyrian price. Also trades. Uh, Nia support LEL support little East 184 points.

So I did ours as this one. As you can see right now in upward trend. So we can trade a long position and, uh, after fake breakouts of our support level, we can open a long position, uh, for higher targets. As always, uh, also like on Bitcoin, uh, I expect that a terrarium will, will follow. If BTC will grow, a terrarium will also, uh, grow.

Okay. Uh, about a terrarium alone after five breakouts of support level Broadripple let's switch to two hour. Chart the bottle. Um, repo NOL traits also at both key level. Well, both support level. So a SUV size bonds, it have this level. Yeah. So many times too. Tree. So, uh, if price was bill reached our key level and made the fake breakouts in this case, we also can, uh, open a loan position by our trends because as you can see, our trend is uptrend and, uh, open a lot position after foot brick out of our key level.

Zero points, 24, $45. So in this case, it's will be the best, uh, the safe. Placed open long position for, uh, this top to, uh, cryptocurrency, uh, for, for today. Okay, guys, I hope it will be useful for you. Useful. Uh, so don't forget to push like button and subscribe, uh, because as you can see, it's the best Sanks from your side to me.

Okay guys, we should a good day. Uh, see you later. Bye.